A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

September 13, 2012

Sept 11th:
hey paps everything is good in the 801 not a lot has changed bout a week till transfers i got my fingers crossed haha i hope brother smith is doing all right he was one of my favorite teachers tell him i said hi and that im doin good its good here though i think that i might have a chance at training next transfer i write callin he is training right now i think he is in fair banks i aint sure though he is doin good though but yeah confrence is coming up so im pretty excited about that i just printed some pictures off about thirty so ill try to get those to you guys quick fast and you know you asked if i need anything i think i need to buy a couple shirts so if you wouldnt mind would you put like thirty or fourty buck on my card please so i can buy them thanks but its going good i feel like time flies faster and faster each and every day i feel like i have learned a lot and have become closer to my savior jesus christ its funny you can tell how strong someones testimony is by the empahsis they put on jesus christ a lot of people put the emphasis on joseph smith but when you see the emphasis on christ you can tell who is stronger n the gospel just something i learned but i love all you guys ill talk to you later

Sept 3rd:
that sucks for Round Valley they should of never got rid of semmore that new guys his horrible ive heard no one wants to play for him though ha but everything is good here though me and my companion put two kids on date for baptism for the 15 im really excited for these one ive been working with them for so long and i love them both a lot so i was happy when there moms told us that they want to be baptized so its going better here and is picking up i probably only have two weeks left here in this area so ill try to make the best of it here while i can you guys sound really busy alle the time now with everything hahaha and as for your second paragraph that say give us details i will not be answering any those questions ive told you guys a few times already hahaha we have found a few more people lately though and it is going better but i love you guys and miss you a lot ill talk to you next week see yu

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