A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

August 28, 2012

Aug 28th,

hey whats up dad hows it going thats crazy about the shoot out grandma sent me a forward about all the fish dying in san carlos or something i dont know what thats all about? haha its going good here finally found a couple of people to teach so its going better i think so yeah and you guys seem like you are spending a lot of money lately you need to slow down dude haha ya and hopefully chesley kills a big one but i know that he probably wont becuase hes never been as good of a shot as me haha tell him i said that please haha by now allys probly started school hu thats sas i feel like she was just born the other day ha i miss her and taylor and everyone else a lot haha so i choose not to think about you fattys haha jk but yeah love you guys ill see you later by

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