A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

July 01, 2012

I'm really sorry that I let the whole month of June go by without posting the emails from Colton! Its been a very busy month to say the least. So I will post these emails in order. Colton seems to be doing well, and still doesnt include too much information in his emails....

6/4/12 to Mom:
well sounds like everything is going great and that you guys had a good youth confrence those kinds of things are good for kids when they are at that age from all the pressure of the world upon them well its been about six months now it feels like things are going by preety quick it seems like it speeds up faster and faster as everyday passes right now we are doing good we are trying to put more people on date for baptism we dont have any right now but transfers are coming up really quick in like a week and this will determine who is in the west mission i really really really dont wanna be in the west mission. i wanna stay in the salt lake mission hopefully everything goes good with chesley and his ankles start felling better. ill tell you guys a crazy story real quick though one of the girls that we baptized in my first area she had to wait on a letter from the propghet for like a year and a half for the okay to get baptized until like last week i found out that she had previously killed ten people. i guess that she was the girlfriend of a big gangleader back in california it just crazy because she my age and she is so nice and innocent looking to crazy hu just goes to show how powerfull the atonement and the gift of forgiveness are hu well love you guys and hope you guys have a good week bye

6/11/12 to Mom:
hey mom im doing all right we have transfers this wedsnday and this is when you find out if you are in the west mission or not i really dont want to be there will not be anything to do but ye its going good we had a really good lesson yesterday with a young a couple and they will end up being married and baptized i sure of it but yea im glad to hear that everything is going good at home for the most part i will continue to pray for everyone love colton

6/17/12 to Britney:
dup  its going good thanks for the inspiring info especially for the info  hahaha jk any ways its all good im in the same area yeah i got the pictures and i showed them to my new comp elder luke stuller and he said he love it he said we look like lynard skynard haha he is originally from germany but is out from maryland hes cool he is like my first comp ive had that i really like hes pretty funny we have fun and just talk about like girls all the time i got to people on date for baptism i wanna try get another 6 befor august though i heard about dad eating with that guy i bet he was big. ONLY IN..... i America!! haha tell arron to grow out his mustache again he looks like a japanees hulk hogan haha its been hot up here though it sucks walking around in church clothes all day when its all hot though oh yeah im walking now but i figure i like it more because people always pull over and give us money. haha im going to have to start throwning out food though becase someone give me like three things a day to take home i meat this black guy from compton the other day who live down the street his name is alfonso haha anyways he gave me his rap c D that he made and showed me his gun shots haha hes pretty funny the other night i was sitting on the porch with another elder at like 11 and gunshots started going off across the street so i ran inside haha its pretty crazy i always here like fights out side my window and stuff haha but any ways love you guys ill see yu

6/25/12 to Mom:
hey mom its going good my companion is pretty cool he is a little skinny white guy he is originally from germany but is out from maryland hes pretty funny and i enjoy being around him his name is elder stuller he likes playing the guitar and stuff he did a year in byu idaho and told me there is a ton of hot girls there so thats where im going to school at when i get home haha where did you put barbie? its been going a little slower were having a hard time finding elect people were also on foot now so im starting to lose weight again so thats cool ill be on foot for the rest of my mission probably i love you guys bye

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