A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

July 28, 2012

July 2nd:
no i havent recieved mail for like a really long time so i dont know what is going on i have six baptisms so far still but i thing that we just found a very prepared family a young guy named gabrial he just had a baby die and seems like he has a lot of questions of the soul so good there and hopefully we get like three before this transfer ends the new mission officially started yesterday so ill probably recieve a new call and everything haha i havent meat my new president yet but from what ive heard he is very nice and relaxed so hopefully he is pretty cool its been pretty hot here like 100s but no where near as bad as like phoenix ill share a miracle with you that we had yesterday we had a couple that was supposed to be baptized this saturday but fell off date because the grandma was giving them anti morman material so i hadnt talked to them for a couple of weeks and a member called me brother perry hes 7 foot 2 he was the fellowshipper for them and told me that they had called him and said they wanna talk to us again because they have someting missin in their life and they wanted to go on a temple square tour immediately so we took off and picke them up and went to temple square and had tour there with the sisters and we added them to our investagators pool again and i thing theyll be baptized eventually so that is good but hey love you guys so much thanks for everything ( NO HOMO ) see yu


It makes me sad that uncle charles is doin bad i saw the pictures and ally and taylor and they are really big now and look like they are finally thinning out haha hopefully taylor uses her words in a good way and  word hahahahaha me and my companion elder stuller usually walk around  hahah we stole a guitar from a member he is teaching me how to play and we just make up songs about other missionaries or weird people haha there is this one missionary hahaha hes so retarded everytimes he starts talking me and elder stuller just look at eachother and start laughing and cant stop but i think he starting to catch on haha ill share a funny story with you to day that litereally just happened about an hour ago we were at the post office in salt lake so my companion could get is passport renewed and ive had the s words since like last thursday and it hit me so hard and they didnt have a bathroom at the post office so i took off without telling my companion and ripped off my name tag so no one would see me and report me for being by myself ( ONLY IN UTAH ) haha and rand down the street to a burger king and blew it up like osam binladen haha but yeah its going good now i guess haha but ill talk to you later love you

July 9th:
thats to bad for the fireworks ill tell you about the fourth i had me and my companion went to a place called holiday for the fourth and hung out with one of the members that we know over there brother hesterman and his whole family its the rich side of town and its right on the mountain side on the east side of salt lake ha everyone over there is so rich but we were right on the side of the mountain so we asked the members if there was a way up there so they told us where the trail was and we hiked all the way to the top of one of those mountains and down in like two hours it was so tireing and hot as balls we were on the way down and it hit me we were like ten or fifteen minutes away from the house so i took a big giant s word right ther on the side of a steep a mountain but i couldnt go because the mountain was so steep so i didnt want it to hit my shorts so i just took them completly off and hung them on a tree. i used leaves of course it was really peacefull really it was the closest i felt to nature in a long time haha so we went back down and played ping pong for a while and then we went back to the west mission in magna and hung out with a samoan family and ate alot of food and then we went to another samoan familys house and hung out withe them for a while they are so huge and try to make you eat so much haha its cool how they do fireworks here in saltlake they dont really have a fire work show so they just let everyone do their own thing in the city so everyo house hold spends like a bunch of money on fireworks and they just go off all over the city constantly its so cool it feels like your like in a war zone haha and yeah ill be serving in west vally and magna for the rest of my mission it sucks i wish i was in the salt lake mission still but l love you guys ill talk to you later

July 23rd:
hey mom how are you im glad that scott is all right that sounds like it was rough but all is going well here my area is just struggling a little bit is all but i ve been enjoying my self and try to have as much fun as possible its all good i heard about that sick  man who shot everone see if you didnt have these gun laws and restrictions and concealed weapons restrictions this stuff whouldnt happen but yeah last night we went to a less actives house it was so fun hes a professional d j and we like cariokied and stuff to sweethome alabama he videoed it maybe i can send it to you guys we had like strobe lights and stuff it was fun haha hey i love you guys and im happy to here chesley is doing better tell him i said hi and dad that im jealous and that the church has a bunch farms in florida and they let you go shoot hogs for free over there love you guys see yu

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