A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

May 12, 2012

Colton's Biggest Email yet!   5/7/12

what up B G what kind of place do i live in!!! i live in the kind of place where when we leave our windows open durring study yu cant focus cuz hood rats drive by bunping rap musinc in there bumper scraping cars every ten seconds i live in the kind of place where you hear police sirons at least four times a day i live in the kind of place where you cant sleep at night cuase your hear someone fighting and braking beer bottles outside slap that on the blog G haha we have a car a normal day is just doing missionary work just talking  on the street getting invited to go in and have a taco every fifteen seconds it may be hood here but everyone loves us i got some pretty cool nikes the other day for free people usually pay for our meals people give us money you know how it goes! my espanol is pretty good now i feel comfortable with it i didnt know you had stuff happening in your house if it makes you feel better i see that s word to just last night something flew across our room and hit the wall in the middle of the night haha ill tell you funny story my boy elder logan was telling me his first transfer him and his trainer were rolling down the street and some people asked them to come by there house at a certain time and they went and when they knocked on the door someone answered the door and called them by there first names witch is weird cause no one knows our first names and we dont give them out and they went in side and there was people dressed funky chanting weird stuff with there hands linked around a pentagram he said they took off running and swearing hahahahaha but its good haha ive heard a lot of other crazy stories to haha but you know i just always want you to remember that........ IM THE CHAMP AT CORN HOLIN!!! haha

hey mom ill be calling probably in the afternoon after 2 some time but were not sure yet so you guys better just chill at the house all day haha tell granny happy birthday and that i love and miss her a lot and everyone else to ill call dont you worry about that we got a baptism coming up and are still working hard all day a day ha looking for people my spanish is pretty good now and any one i talk to i feel like i can dominate them haha i put the smack down on some catholic guy the other day while he was working in his garden he started arguing with me so it is what it is and we do what we do haha just joking we talk to a lot of crazy people and see a lot of crazy things this transfer we move into a new house with two other elders but were covering the same area thoug there names are logan from tampa and morre from yuma haha hes freezing his nuts off and its only may hahahaha any way i guess like the last transfer elder logan was in a threesome living in this house with dennison from california and zarcouski from the ukraine and they woke up in the middle of the night at like 1 in the morn cuase they heard some funky noises and they went in the other room where i sleep at now and they saw dennison like on his hands and knees and was like possessed and was saying some like satanic stuff in a language they didnt know and they cast it out and dennison like broke down crying saying where have i been ha crazy ha the reason im saying this is because in the middle of the night last night at like 2 in the morn something like flew across our room and made like a huge bang ha it was creepy any ways its all good though ill let you know how it goes haha but hey ill talk to you next week on suday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys bye

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