A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

May 23, 2012


hey mom sounds like everything is going good at home and everyone is happy yeah i went to the dentist a few days ago the doctor didnt know what he was doing and tied like this little tiny wire around my front two teeth and i cut it out as soon as i got home so yeah i dont know what to do but its starting to make me very angry because i cant go see an orhodontist that knows what hes doing but yeah im doing all right same old same old the other night while i was laying in bed we heard some gun shots go off not to far away haha but yea any ways everything is good yesterday we saw this little dog running down the street with a chicken in its mouth haha it was pretty funny ill send you a picture some time i guess and i spoke again in church yesterday that went all right i guess i spoke about the missionary work and how we are all called to do it i forgot all about that i had to give a talk so i just winged it haha but anyways love you guys ill see you later

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