A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

January 22, 2012

Here are some emails from the last few weeks - I will document who Colton sent each one to....
Also, I have asked colton to try to punctuate a little better, but I dont think that's going to happen any time soon. ha ha ha (sorry so late!)


Sent to Mamma Darrlyn:
hi momma yes im workin hard and i still love it me and my copanion were made zone leaders over our zone yesterday and dont worry about the package i dont need it cancel it and get your money back and i would appreciate an electric shaver just thrown that out there when does mitchell report. and yes i do leave on the eighth i dont know if i get to call home or not though. i love and miss you guys a lot but i feel like its flying by two years is going to go by in no time.
send me my red volcom sweathshirt i for sure need that and please send me the grenade one and my st. louis cardinals hat thanks. ive been running out of shirts and you might as well throw the hat in there ahaha love and miss you i cant believe the broncs is still stompin. ahahah im still enjoying my self and tell mom that her magical pills dont work and that i got sick my third week here and was puking my gut out. hahah love and miss you guys. and yeah i told them i got ther packages already its hard to communicate with everyone im to busy.
To Scott:
hey dude what up yeah on new years we tryed to have a little party but they made us go to bed haha no we have not turned the shower into a sauna.......YET! haha ill see what we can do haha   hope everything is going good love yu dog. tell britney and the girls i say hi and i love them ill see if i can send som pictures soon. and it hasnt harldy snowed at all up here its weird ha.
            Peace out elder badger! p.s. I heard about TEEEEEBOOOOOW FEVER!!!


To Mamma D:
Ive lost ten pounds and i have weights for like thirty minutes everyday and then play basketball for like 20 i only had one doughnut hahaha thanks though!! a gave a dozen to the new district we got last wedsnday i thought itd be nice being the zone leader so i always try to buy them something everyday we get another one on wedsday there all going to mexico city I shared the other dozen with my district i only stayed in my room for like half a day when i was sick cuase i felt bad cuase elder hansen had to stay with me hes really smart he used to be computer programmer for a company that sold software to special tactical teams i guess crazy hu! yeah im lerning spanish all right i can almost understand everything and i can speak it im just kind slow when i talk it hahah yes i enjoy going to the temple its cool collin is good he hates the mtc though  hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaha i got the package for ctr thank you i will not get to call when i leave i will not be able to call untill mothers day  im excited to hear about mitch rulon ryan chant and colton theyll do great Im out of time so i love and miss you so much sorry if i fogot to say anything by love you momma
Thanks for sending all that for me dad it'll be much appreciated  my days are busy i get up at 6 30 every morning shower get ready then get to the class room by seven and and have personal study and and then breakfast the food sucks and gives me direa so i go to the salad line everymeal and build a huge chicken salad and eat a bowl of cottage cheese ive lost about ten pounds and im still losing wait im gettin defined again. then we usually come back and have class for like three hours and teach our teachers as investagators our teachers are recently returned missionarys and they pretend to be someone they taught from there mission. the second day here we had to teach an investagator in spanish  then we usually have anotheer three hour class  and some gym time for like 50 minutes i usually just lift really hard for like thirty minutes and then go dominate in basketball!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant really think of anything else to say love yu bye

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