A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

December 25, 2011

Feliz Navidad everyone!!!!
          I litterally just  got out of sacrament meeting with the speakers as Elder David Bednar and his wife as the guest speakers. Elder Bednar is one of the most powerfull spekers ive ever heard he talked about having Christ like attributes and putting off the natural man Mosiah 3:19. He talked about how we can stop being focused on helping ourselves and how we should start helping others more. He talked of how when Christ was even being crucified he still tried to do missionary work with the thieves at his sides. Im so glad i decided to come on a mission and serve the lord. It does get hard sometimes and very exhuasting and it does get frustrating learning spanish but i wouldnt rather be anywhere else in the world. I love and miss all of you and i appreciate the packages of the packages and sweets i've recieved for that i thank you for thinking of me. Everyone has enjoyed eating all your stuff especially my big Tongan friend Elder Ika hahaha. It weird to run into someone from another part of the world almost every second of the day but then i think of why we are here and it is not so weird. Its amazing to see so many people of different shapes and colors here attributing two years of there life in doing the lord work. I love and miss all of you guys and wish the best of luck to you in your daily lives and i'd like to bare my testimony to you.
                        yo soy agredecido por el senor y el hijo jesuchrist. Yo se que ellos amor me y todo de usted. Yo se que jose smith ea profetta verdedero. yo se que el libro de morman es verdadero. Yo soy agredcido por el epiacion y Jesuchrist.
                                 Love Elder Edwards,
                                    AKA Badger!

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  1. Soy feliz de oír que disfruta del MTC. Tiene un testimonio de breautiful que crecerá en los próximos dos años. Puédale es bendecido generosamente y va con Dios. Adore Tío a Dave.