A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

April 08, 2013

Catching up .... AGAIN!  The Most recent to latest emails.

March 25 2013

Hey mom how are you thanks for the letter means a lot to me its going very ell here we are supposed to have two this comeing saturday however they may be postponed a couple of week due to complications yes we have lots of tickets this time so i do not have to scalp them like the last time haha Thats all right i hope u of a does good and ya i saw her at temple square when i took one of our investagators their for a tour it was really cool to see her and ya they were like the badger and it was weird because i havent heard that in a long time haha it was kind of cool they still remembered me Its going really good here though mom we have lots of investagators!! The members really make the difference to be honest so you guys get the missionaries some referrals there all right haha and get involved with the conversion experiance That is what makes the difference so spread the word to everyone their cool but ya sorry i dont have lots of time today and i gotta go i love you all at home and happy easter

March 25 2013

hey whats up paps its going really good here in the new area we have alot of people to teach and we have like 5 people getting ready to be baptized really soon so its going fantastic you know we are going to someones house to night to go over the baptismal questions with them so they can get ready a little more hopefully we have a couple this weekend and next weekend thats kindof sad that president hunt is being released i like him a lot out of all the general authourities ive met like three seventies elders critanan i got interviewed by elder clark and some other dude i cant remember his name hes a mexican and i met elder holland to it was pretty cool to meet them all they are really nice guys but they are intense to haha not much else to say though i love you guys ill talk to you next week
March 11 2013

hey momma how are you miss you guys lots and think about you guys everyday its been going really good here well first to start off to answer your question is yes it is through mormon.org people just get on and chat with us and no i dont think it is a nessacary way for you guys to talk to me with out braking the rules ;) its going good we had a baptism a twelve year old girl named alexandra parral we hope to be able to baptize her brother and mom soon they are a really nice family i feel kinda bad because there was like a 300 person samoan party going on in the gym and they were blasting music with a lot of base so they had to cancle the party for them haha luckly they are gentle giants.... usually. had a cool experiance last weekend we were having dinner with a lady that just recently reactivated and we were talking to her brother that is not a member of the church and we started to teach him and talked to him a little about the book of mormon with him and explained everything to him at the end he expressed how he has a hard life in so many words and told us he was looking for god in his life i asked him to pray and he started crying because the spirit was so strong it was really cool i asked him how he felt afterwords and he said weird hahaha aka the spirit it was cool cause when it happened i heard a voice in my mind say thats why your here so it was really cool experiance for me we plan on going back again this weekend so tell brother smith as soon as you can when ever you see him cause he told me that it would happen and he wanted to know when it did so please tell him love you guys have a good week

March 4 2013

i was transferred to the granger west stake it is doing really good we are supposed to have a baptism this weekend here we have lots of good investagators here in this area no im not still training the new missionary another elder will finish his traning with him but ya its all good here our new mailing address is 3981 west 3100 south westvalley 84120 its really fun being in a threesome with elder aiono and moreno we have lots of fun and the online proslyting thing is really fun as well we dont have to waste time any more walking around in the middle of the day when people arent home and dont aswer there doors for us haha its finnaly starting to warm up around here as well but ya how is everything going at home im sure everything is good anyways love yall see yu

Feb 25 2013

hey mom how are you its going well just got a transfer call to day im super excited because im going to be serving with one of my old companions again elder aiono and another elder to named elder moreno they are both really good friends of mine im super happy about it and as well we are going to be part of one of only three districts in the world doing called online proselyting we get on computers for a few hours everyday and proslyte on the internet it is working very well and they are going to probably be spreading it around the world really soon i bet because they are having so much success with it so im doing pretty good right now and yes i got the choclate tell her i said thanks for them and hi and that i love her as well i had one of a girl named crystal the other day it was pretty cool found her and her family just knockin doors one day so ya it was nice im a little sad to leave my are because there is so many people that are friends of mine here that im going to miss i actually went to the seiling of a family that i had helped to reactivate the other day so that was really cool as well so its going good feels good to know that you helped change someones life yu know and by the way im so sick of the snow and the cold here yes haha but its finally starting to warm up a little bit here lately and as well i got released from district leader so im super happy about that as well hahahahha na it was good though.... chesly bought another one hu? hes crazy and i dont believe that he is gettin buff either haha jk tell him i said hi as well i love you guys and hope you are all doing well ill talk to you later

Feb 18 2013

hey yo yo yo what up  i taught my new comp from cosat rica a lot of new words lets just say he has a very colorful vocabulary hahahahah  ally is smart?? hmm ill be the judge of that im going to send her an i q test in the mail to see where she stands in the wolrd of 6 year olds she out smarts you a lot?? some how i am not surprised haha it has been good here doing work son my mission is almost over kinda makes me sad but a little happy to i guess it really has flown by way to fast i know i still have a little while but these next few months are gonna fly by i bet i like being able to share my testimony with others and helping them be happy it makes happy to some times it sucks and its hot or cold as balls but it really is pretty cool to know you helped someone change there life yu know no homo to that!! its going good though finall starting to warm up a tad bit up here i cant wait to go back to the majestic desert full of the elegant javelina lushous road runners salt lake is the bung hole of the earth ive decided haha try editing that for my blog spot homey yah my comp is pretty cool hes funny i talk a lot of crap to him its pretty fun haha any ways love you i ll talk to you later
P.S. I dont believe that you ran four miles it is not phisically possible for you the law of physics are against you fatty

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