A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

October 28, 2012

Pictures are here! I had a little bit of a hard time uploading 1/2 of the pictures, so they will be coming later. Comment and let me know how you think he looks!  We miss him !!!

Elder Romero, Juan, Socorro, Elder Edwards

Elder Valea (from Tonga), Elder Dennison (Santa Cruz Ca.), Member, Member, Elder Stuller (Maryland)
Elder Stuller being weird

President Swain (Mesa Az), Sister Swain (San Diego Ca), Sister Fenga (Tonga), Sister Bishop (Texas), Sister Snayder (?), Sister Goff (Buckeye Az), Elder and Sister, Elder Isakson, Elder Kemeneics (Austria), Elder Larson (Ohio), Elder Jefferies (Tucson), Elder White (Long Beach Ca), Elder Richarson (Niagara Falls Canada), Elder Gomosario (Hawaii), Elder Lern (New York), Elder Rowe (Tucson),  Elder Moore (Yuma Az), Elder Homer (South Dakota), Elder Dennison (Santa Cruz Ca), Elder Fogle (Norht Carolina), Elder Edwards, Elder Stuller (Germany & Maryland), Elder Valverde (Peru & Atlanta Ga), Elder Thomas (Soldatna Ak), Elder Creer (Washington), Elder Romero (Dominican Replublic & Brooklyn), Elder Tui (So Cal), Elder Meneeze (Detroit).
The Bauquarizo Family from Peru. 
"Brown Warriors of Christ"

Elder Moore, my best friend in the mission. From Yuma Az.  

"Me checkin around the corner to see if this crazy cracked out chick was gone. She gave my companion a flower with white sticky stuff on it. Ha Ha Ha."
Elder Edwards, Elder Moore, Elder Stuller.
"My foot I rollded my 3rd week in the field playing basketball. Don't know if I told you all."
Elder Dennison (Santa Cruz Ca), Elder Valea (Tonga), Yours truly, Member, Elder Stuller (Maryland).
Elder Edwards and Elder Romero.
Elder Blakely (Lousianna) and Elder Edwards.

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