A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

August 20, 2012

                               Emails from Badger ....


hey dad hows it going not much new here i ve knocked every door in my area about three times now and have talked to everyone so yeah not much i can do haha its good though its been really hot here they said its been the hottest summer on record here nothing compared to arizona though i guess that cool about the lawn mower and stuff tell grandpa and chesley happy birthday and i hope they have a good day my spanish is getting relly good i can understand mostly everything now some people are hard because of there accents but i can speak it and understand it for the most part thoug but hey i love you guys and tell everyone i said hi ill talk to you later see yu


hey mom everything is good not a lot going on right now i dont have any one to teach but ill probably be transfered out of here in like 4 weeks i think ive been serving in literally the smallest area in the world for 6 months now i ve knocked on evry door at least three times now thats funny about chantz he can keep is philipine call that sounds like it sucks dude no man should ever be deprived of his toilet paper EVER just aint right and yes deep down i love hispanics even know its very hard to they make us mad a lot they are just different than americans but yeah i never thought id say it but i miss the dessert a lot haha and yeah so since the new mission started transfers are going to be pushed back to where i get home like a month later on the 24 of december witch means ill miss three christmases with you guys but im going to try to request an earlier release because ther will not be enought time to get ready for school and everything the falowing semester and to visit everyone and everything so yeah but hey i love and miss you all hope everything is good i love you guys see yu


hey brit. haha i would imagine that from mom shes so ditzy hahahah and dad found an old dead guy?? how do we know that dad didnt kill him hahah jk that funny was dad trippin or anything about it haha yeah its hot as balls up here dude it sucks i cant wait till its like super cold itll be so nice all the tongans struggle in this kind of weather haha the other day we were walking down the street and some tongans pulled over and took us to this huge party and made us eat so freaking much and we had to different dinner appointments after that worst night of my life y no se porque me quiere hablar espanol no puede intenderlo entonce voy hablarlo solo un poco para ustedes y tambian yo he decedido que ingles es moss intelegente y espanol es para los (savages) pero si yo puedo hablarlo mejor cada dia pero no me gust practicandolo mucho siempre hablamos ingles tampoco cuand yo tengo un misionero con migo qiuen habla espanol o cuando estamos hablando con algiuen de un otro pais y tambian so yeah i dont know maybe scot can read that for you haha but yeah love you guys see yu

***Spanish Translation (per Scott):
I don’t know why you want me to speak in Spanish because you won’t understand it, but I will speak a little bit for you guys… Also, I’ve decided that English is more intelligent than Spanish and that Spanish is for the savages. But I’m speaking better each day, I don’t like to practice it much. We always talk in English unless I’m with a missionary that speaks Spanish or when we are talking with someone from another country.

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