A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

April 29, 2012

OK - So I know its been FOREVER since I have posted anything on here, but lets keep it real.... Colton is horrible about details. His emails are short, and the best information we have been able to get about him is from ward members that ran into him at confernce. I will attatch the last few emails from him below with the dates they were recieved. But we know he is doing well and his apartment is infested with mice. I'm sure him and the elders in the home are having great fun with that. He should be writing tomorrow, so hopefully I will get something good from that to post!

haha sick were going fishing when i get home i heard geoff is playing for nau now sounds good yeah i got transferred and i have a new companion he is way cooler than my last one his name is elder blakely he is from louisana he pretty cool and im in a new area now in the south zone and yeah its pretty ghetto here some kid got shot and killed the other day down the street dont tell mom hahah but yeah i feel safe the pollys make it safe for you they love us and ill send you guys pics next week of the thugs that ive been teaching and im getting kinda fat so i told my comp were goin to start running two miles every morning and he agreed cause hes fat to hahaha anyways yeah ill see mike and ryan on saturday but hey love you and mom a lot see you next week

whats up !!! its good i got a new comp hes way cooler then the other!! its funny your mission is cool if your comp is! im in a new area now to! its pretty ghetto some kid got shot and killed the other day down the street but the pollys love us so if anyone tried to mess with us they kill them ha and hmm yeah were suppose to have like three weeks of baptisms in a row starting the seventh of april if everything goes good!!!! next week ill try to send you a picture of the thugs i was teaching in my last area haha dont show mom! hahah she be like my baaaaby!!! oh and hey tell mom to send me my football cleats for p day and ill probably be sending some stuff home to ha i was pro at corn hole ask scott if he remembers my miracle save a gainst chesley and how we were ustopable!! but yeah its all good love you talk to you next week! peace!!
To Mom:
hey thats cool i hope that you had fun in new york and glad that you had a safe trip that crazy all the stuff you did sorry i have no time im going to send you guys a tape instead with excruciating detail so hu! get money ye i still like him better hes way cooler but youll probably get a tape soon in the mail in the next couple of days and tell grandma and grandpa im sorry and im workin on their letter for them haha love you and dad bye!!
yeah im doing good thanks for everything yeah dad said he was going to put some money in for me or something and yeah im making a tape for you guys right now i ll try to send it next monday yeah ryan and mike i think are nervous i didnt get it yet ill probably get it on thursday but yeah hey i love you sorry i suck at writing it just sucks thats why im resorting to tapes hey thanks for everything ill talk to you next monday
hey dad hows it going haha mike and ryan are worried about the mtc i told them it suck if you let it suck but yeah mike will probably struggle a little bit but he'll be fine his language will be hard to learn yeah hey i got my debit card still go ahead and deposit it thats cool hope everyone is doing good ill tell you more in moms email and im making a tape so ill get that to you guys some time but hey will you guys send me like 30 bucks so i can bye a scale hey love you ill talk to you later nos vemos

thats funny i talked in church in yesterday to except i did it in spanis it was freaking scary ill never complain about talking in english again eVer twenty minutes in spanish is not so easy when you only have about a days notice and an hour and a half to prepare for it!! and thanks for the 50 dallars aprreciate it man love you
yep i got the package thank you for all the snacks and the hat was really cool to thanks but yeah take care of your back and thats cool all those guys are goign to be leaving out soon hu yeah when does chantz leave to the naked philipinos ive heard some nasty a word stories out here about that place hahahahah and yeah how it been going we had like four baptisms last saturday and i talked in one of our wards yesterday to is was scary and i confirmed roberto in sacrament to the other day and we have a couple more on date to so things are going good welp love you see yu

sounds like everything is going good at home wish i could of been there everything is going pretty good here we have transfer on may 2 so ill probably have a new companion again so yeah hope i get a good one but yeah the new mission split is on june 13 basically and i really hope i dont have to stay there i guess the main focus in the new mission wont even be baptizing itll be reacivation. so yeah everything is going good i guess i miss and love all you guys lots and hope your all doing good tell everyone i said hi. love elder edwards

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