A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

February 20, 2012

Colton's letters 2/20/12:

dup homey!! all right ill tell you my companion is Elder Romero Avalos form mexico city hes twenty five used to play college football in mexico  he was a safety haha weird hu we get a long pretty well. haha we have a car and like never walk altough wanna here a cool miracle i was on an exchange with elder wilkinson hes and english speaker the other day we were walking down the street and this huge pit bull was barking at us through the chain link fence and he started agitating it and started laughing and we started walking away and i looked back and it was going under the fence haha so we took off running and it caught us and it turned out it just wanted to play with us  so we took it back to the owner and she couldnt speak english so i talked to her and asked if we could come back some time and she said yes so we sent the referral to some other missionaries and now shes getting baptized!! hahah crazy hu!! haha anyways we live in the basement of a members with two other elders elder naisausau from fiji and elder Maasi this huge tongan from New Zeeland we have a pool table so we always play pool all the time so yea its pretty hard to survive somtims haha anyways i eat like really good mexican food like every day i invested some money in the x factor this thing you can hook up to the door to work out we are teaching a bunch of hispanics haha what do you think!!! anyways thats cool about geoff why is he leaving though? anyways thats cool so ill talk to you later peace plus tell everyone i love them and said hi


hey momma i ill try to answer all your questiong  yeah like my companion he is good trainer some time he makes me mad but not a lot yeah i actually got a really hard area but we are still doing good though his name is Elder Romero Avolos hes from mexico City and used to play Colledge football in mexico he was a safety haha i suck at spanish but im learnig its going good though yeah we teach a lot and dont have to do to much finding i think were going to have like 5 or 6 baptisms here pretty quick if everything goes well oh and im in west valley city from 6400 west to 7200 west and like 2500 to like 3800 south is my area if you wanna check it out i see elder Brycan walker sometims hes doin good and is fat now just like everyone else out here besides me haha thats good that your calling is going good. thats cool about callin thanks for reminding me i need to email him i love you momma ill see you later


 Hola como estas padre!!
 Estoy haciendo bien gracis amo la comida es muy bien y Calor! jk ill talk
 in englis yeah i bet mike is nervous heard the languages at the mtc for
 asians it sounds so hard im teacking a bunch of hispanics man i dont know
 what else to say there is to much to describe haha they love family and
 friends and the spanish ward has like a fiesta every other day hahahah its
 funny they play the HEY BABY QUE PASO!!!! stuff inside the church all the
 time its funny hahaha thats cool that mike and ryan are doing good and
 everyone is doing well yeah its preety cool out here everyone thinks were
 like rock stars haha everyone like hooks us up and honks at us and wave to
 us and says hey elders how you doing can i do something for you haha hey
 dad love you ill talk to you later
 P.s. i think were about to have a lot of baptisms i think

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