A Misisonary is someone who leaves their family for two years so others can spend an eternity with theirs.

February 13, 2012

Coltons 1st Area -

2/13/12  - Salt Lake City (West Zone)

To Dad:
Hey dad glad you got the pics. I'm in the west zone in salt lake. It's pretty cool. The first day i got here they made us do extreme contacting on temple square. haha There is a bunch of pshycos here. hahah yah i got the card thanks but yeah Some lady started chewing us out at the bus stop the first day and some black guy and homless guy got all mad at her for it haha and they all started arguing and stuff it was funny. most people in salt lake love us but there are a lot they hate you to haha all the hispanics here are from all over south america jsut a few mexicans most are from peru and salvador and guatamala and columbia just name the coutry they are here hah so i have to learn a bunch of different dialects the food is awesome but ive still lost a lot of wegiht theres no way im going to gain wight out here you stay to busy ive had cow head and barbaqued cactus and all sorts of stuff thugh the rice is way better than ours and i eat a lot of guacamole and exotic stuff hey love you dude talk to you next week
To Mom:
hey mom love you i hope you guys had a fun time im doing good my companion is from mexico city and speaks pretty good english thank goodnes well i pretty much told you guys everything in dad email and stuff and its pretty cool out here some time its really hard for me but its going well for the most part but yeah its a good area so thanks haha and yeah hey i love you so much and miss you i dont have a lot of time so hey ill talk to you next week and tell you about what is going on love you momma by

To Britney:
Well its pretty cool for the most part its really hard sometimes being away from home but im doing good its pretty cool most the people here love us and lot hate us everyone know what a missionary is here haha some people look at us and walk in the other direction ahhaha its funny but sometimes feel like my name tag is really a target on my heart ahhah some people are just dont like mormons but all the members feed us everynight and iv lost a lot of weight still hahaha take that woman!! what happened to geoff that is so crazy that sucks but hes probably a little happy cause he did not like football there at all he hated it but who know maybe its for the best tell him i said im sorry to here about it and that i said hi tell ally and taylor i said hi and that i love them and tell scott that im doing well and that i miss him to and love him (no homo) haha hey talk to you next week love you

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